A downloadable game for Windows

wasd - movement

E - interact

space - jump

mouse - camera

Pieces have flown into the past and you must find them and re-install them, while trying not to get stuck in the past! Solve the puzzles and fix the machine before the timer runs out!

Made by; Raees, Scott, Sam (Jinconic), Tom, Fearghal

Install instructions

Extract the .exe from the zip file to run. exported for windows 64-bit systems


Anachronism.zip 417 MB


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Great game! Had fun playing it! keep it up guy!

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For some reason my character did not want to pick it up. :)

Hi mate, one of the rude dudes who made it here, should have specified that you can only pick up one item at a time, its to make you waste more time running back and forth, sorry that wasn't clear!

Oh, but I wasn't able to drop or place the one part I got first. Went to the control panel and nothing... unless I have to select it.. somehow?

hmm very odd, we tested it a fair bit for a 5 man team but we never ran into that bug, honestly wouldn't know what to suggest other than re downloading it, sorry about that mate.